Our Services

Our Services

At Immensity Holdings Limited we take pride in offering exceptional services to our clients. Our team is made up of Real Estate professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years in Real Estate.

Our services include:

  • Nanyuki Oasis
    Nanyuki Oasis is our flagship project in Nanyuki along Nanyuki Rumuruti Road opposite Ol Pejeta Ranch and 16km from Nanyuki town. It is a Prime property in a rapidly developing area with close proximity to major tourist attractions, high end hotels, good private schools, shopping malls, hospitals and only 20km from Nanyuki Airstrip. Isiolo International Airport is 70 km away. The land is sub divided into 50 by 100 parcels in a Gated Controlled Community where residents and Immensity Holdings Limited form a property management company to run the Estate and ensure high standards are maintained. Residents contribute to the development fund which includes perimeter fence, borehole, elaborate gate house, children’s play area, general landscaping and internal roads . Clients are given a choice of 3 Architectural drawings to build their homes in either a bungalow, maisonette or villa. With a good road network, soon to be expanded railway system, it’s central position, favorable weather and being the most cosmopolitan town in Kenya, Nanyuki is an investor heaven and a town to watch.
  • Investment in Affordable Housing Sector
    An overview of the Real Estate market in Kenya shows the urban population is growing at a rate much faster than it can be absorbed and managed. This means that the demand on services and infrastructure massively outstrip supply leading to poor provision of the same including low quality housing and sustained growth of informal settlements. Proper housing is challenging and capital intensive sector for both government and private investors yet access to quality affordable housing will have a huge impact to the society. The government through the Ministry of Housing has acknowledged that provision of adequate housing and attendant services remains probably the most elusive challenge for the Government. An ambitious plan to roll out 1Million housing units by 2022 was down graded to half after the magnitude of the scope of work and budget was put into further analysis.
    A closer study shows that 85% of Kenyans in the urban population are renters, this is a huge number. Many factors contribute to this including the extremely high cost of mortgages - we only have 25,000 mortgages in Kenya against a population of 50 million most of which are held by bank staff due to their internal interest rates. Another cause for this is that with the provision of good infrastructure and facilities including schools and hospitals being within some parts of the cities and towns then a huge cluster of the population is found within this close proximities. It is also within these areas that property prices are out of the affordability margin of most Kenyans.
    Immensity Holdings Limited has identified land within the major network arteries including Waiyaki Way, Thika Super Highway and Mombasa Road where we are constructing high quality affordable housing To Let within the price range of 18,000 to 25,000 given that 65% of Kenyan households earn a combined income of less than 100,000 then this is a good market to target. We invite private investments from Kenyans living in and out of the country who would like to invest in the affordable housing sector for an annual return of 12-15%. With our strong research centre, long standing industry experience and strong local knowledge investors can be assured of peace of mind when investing with us. This is an investment that gives three distinct advantages;
    i) Investment in Real Estate without a huge capital outlay
    ii) Higher return on investment as opposed to owning single property dwellings
    iii) Investing in Real Estate without the stress of property management as we take care of that professionally.
    The property will be highly maintained through the internal property management team. The investment has a time period of 12 years during which investors earn an annual interest and after which their initial capital will be reimbursed fully. The company has worked with strong partners including the banks, development partners and has taken out a performance bond to ensure the safety of the investment.
  • Property Valuation
  • Feasibility Studies & Comparative Market Assessment
  • Property Management
  • Property Marketing Strategy
  • Real Estate Investment Strategy and ROI

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